Crew Services

Expertise Hors-Base

Advanced Air Support's expertise spans across France, Europe, and Africa. We can help you organize, coordinate, and oversee all of your ground handling needs abroad.

Because we intimately know your every need, Advanced Air Support will see to it that all of your requirements are met at your stopover destinations with the same high quality standards that you have come to expect at our Le Bourget location.

Our aim is to :

  • Guarantee your complete satisfaction
  • Save you time
  • Our services include :

    • Obtaining airport slots and takeoff and landing clearances
    • Generating flight records
    • Organizing and overseeing ground handling at destination airports
    • Arranging catering, aircraft cleaning, and refueling at negotiated rates
    • Reserving lounges, chauffeured cars, and passenger and crew shuttle transfers
    • Screening passengers and crew by airport authorities before your flight to expedite departure and arrival procedures

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